The QtestBASE Family of Products

The QtestBASE family currently consists of four members: QtestBASE (QTB) itself, which provides the methodology and technology. Build upon the foundation that is QtestBASE, CloudSTUDIO (CS) provide rule based data analysis and reporting abilities for Windows clients and the Cloud respectively.

The rule system of CS is highly configurable, thus enabling tailoring to the specific usage scenarios. However, with winRA and cloudRA, we provide two comprehensive rule catalogs, that guarantee accurate results from the start.

What is AnalysisSTUDIO?

AnalysisSTUDIO is the solution for QA in the system management process. Wether you want to enhance QA in your existing application rollout procedures, wish to check the quality of your supplier, or are an IT system integrator yourself, AnalysisSTUDIO will help you raise quality while at the same time lowering costs - in your local network and in the cloud.

Pre-configured rule sets like winRA instantly allow you to start working with AnalysisSTUDIO, while still being able to further tailor the rule system to your requirements.

Find out how AnalysisSTUDIO can make your live easier:

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Dynamic Application Readiness Test (DART) »
Risk Analysis (winRA) »
System Audit »

How does it work?

Advanced technologies allow AnalysisSTUDIO to be both versatile and reliable. Starting from data retrieval to efficient data compression to automatic rule based analysis, our core technologies are the foundation of AnalysisSTUDIO.

Learn more about the technology of AnalysisSTUDIO:

Fingerprint Technology »
High Compression Technology (HCT) »
Rule Engine »

Why use AnalysisSTUDIO?

The Dynamic Testing approach of AnalysisSTUDIO allows for extremly flexible data retrieval. Not only can Installations be observed in much finer detail than is possible with similar tools, but also can we scan and analyse occurences in other phases of the application lifecycle, like application startup or uninstallation. It is also possible to compare and analyse system configuration changes outside of installation processes or even differences between multiple machines.

The Rulebased Analysis provides an effective and intuitive way of analysing the collected data and extensive reporting capabilities provide the right amount of detail for every target audience.

Find out what makes AnalysisSTUDIO different:

Dynamic Testing »
Rulebased Analysis »
Extensive Reporting & Statistics »